Friends I’ve never met…

My father gave me my love of walking; my mother, reading.  Both are friends.  Neither a stranger.  So, let me introduce you to 7 of the friends I’ve never met but know well.  For sure, I know  my life has been enriched by our conversations.

Julia Cameron  — The Artist’s Way
Natalie Goldberg — Writing Down the Bones
Twyla Tharp — The Creative Habit with Mark Reiter, contributor
Stanley Fish — How to Write a Sentence:  And How to Read One
Virginia Woolf — A Room of One’s One
Gertrude Stein — Tender Buttons.   Blood on the Dining Room Floor

and my newest friend:
Austin Kleon — Steal Like an Artist:  10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative.

Go to your local bookshop.
Go to your local library.
Get some tea.
Read.  Savor.  Life is good.