Ek, what?

Ekphrasis.  From the Greek.  “Out” and “Speak.”  Nothing more than this, — one art form calls to another, converses.  If conversation isn’t community, what is it?

One slice of artistic expression inspires the making of another.  Think onion.  Think kitchen. Think arboretum.  Think library.  Think left brain. Think right brain.  Be celebration.

Now, at herchruch  Ekphrasis is rampant – drumming, liturgical dancing, soul-collaging, music, the visual, poetry, laughter.

Curious?  Come by the AWE Gallery on Saturday, March 23 @ 2PM  for a Gallery Talk & Tour of Collective Artists.  Details under AWE Events.

FYI:  herchurch  — Sunday is always an Ekphrasis celebration @10:30.