Spring in San Francisco, ephrastically-speaking

Yup, the trees are fluttering with color — plum, cherry, and redbuds.  Outside is a riot (the good kind) of hue & smell.  While inside, our DeYoung Museum sported its annual Bouquets exhibit.   Horticultural artists derive inspiration from art therein.  Some “arrangements” are straight-forward interpretations, others whimsical, and some conceptual and brilliant. Much succulents in evidence this year.

Here’s the irony —  this yearly ekphrastic flower-art turns each gallery into a swarm of smiling and laughing people.  As if the fear of not-understanding dissipates.  Quite magical, indeed.


40 women. 40 stories. 40 encounters of the divine

A good, authentic story is made to be shared.  And when the number is 40, that’s abundance upon abundance.   So please join me in reading  BIRTHING GOD: Women’s Experiences of the Divine by Lana Dalberg  with foreword by Kathe Schaaf. (SkyLight Paths Publishing, Woodstock, VT, 2013, www.skylightpaths.com ).




Ek, what?

Ekphrasis.  From the Greek.  “Out” and “Speak.”  Nothing more than this, — one art form calls to another, converses.  If conversation isn’t community, what is it?

One slice of artistic expression inspires the making of another.  Think onion.  Think kitchen. Think arboretum.  Think library.  Think left brain. Think right brain.  Be celebration.

Now, at herchruch  Ekphrasis is rampant – drumming, liturgical dancing, soul-collaging, music, the visual, poetry, laughter.

Curious?  Come by the AWE Gallery on Saturday, March 23 @ 2PM  for a Gallery Talk & Tour of Collective Artists.  Details under AWE Events.

FYI:  herchurch  — Sunday is always an Ekphrasis celebration @10:30.



Beginnings contain a spec of hope.

Hope is both communal and personal.  Be bold and add the word “peace.”  Fortunate you!  You are entering the online journal San Francisco Peace and Hope (www.sfpeaceandhope.com). Founded and edited by Berkeley artist and peace-maker, Elizabeth (Liz) Hack therein is nothing less than a community of compassionate luminosity and craft.  Read it today.  Review the call for submissions.  Share your gifts.

This is the first of Monday blogs.  I can think of no beginning more hopeful than to thank my friend Liz Hack.

If you missed Liz’s art exhibit at AWE Gallery (unfortunate, you), access her website and marvel at many of the paintings from the show, as well as others (www.elizabethhack.com).

Current AWE Exhibit:  CLIR Annual Art Show through March 31, 2013.  Open Saturday and Sundays Noon – 5 PM.  Not to be missed.  Click on AWE Events for details.

Until next Monday,  peace & poetry,  Kit

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