The Many Faces of Magdalene

Yesterday at Ebenezer herchurch Lutheran we sent the 21 Magdalene icons back to their visionary artists  with our gratitude and blessing.  Let me share with you the icon written by Christina Gage (right) and the musings I wrote on all 21 paintings.


     honoring the 21 paintings by 18 visionary artists in The Many Faces of the Magdalene exhibit curated by Jennifer Mantle at the celebratory weekend at herchurch April 27-28, 2013, and in anticipation of San Francisco Opera’s production of The Gospel of Mary Magdalene by Mark Adamo

Not out of the whirlwind, from the spectrum She of Red Tears emerges.  She anoints.  Jennifer Mayol

It was no surprise when the dove pecked her cheek the egg turned red.  Guru Kiren

You who sat next to my mother have taken on a quiet, pensive feel.  It’s about time.  Jennifer Mantle

Even the smallest of the small grows under her care.  And the word spreads quickly.  Elizabeth Gibbons “The Magdalene as Guardian of New Life” or “Mary Magdalene Meets Micro Lamb”

The holy is no stranger to the flashy.  Bring on the bling.  Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Above as below, creating is the chalice of my intentional being.  Leslie Nolan

Dearest granddaughter, why shy away from red?  Marilyn McGinley

By the blessed empty, the heart is full.  Elaine Chan-Scherer

The winged consorts – royal and verdant.  Ready. Jessica Bowman

Tend the roses – red/white.  Neither elevated above the other.  Rev. Carole Ann Thomassy

Encircling circles.  Look into my kohl eyes.  See the winged; see the scaled.  See two dragons in harmony.   Elizabeth Gibbons “The Magdalene’s Prophecy”

In a chevron of light, behold my feathery body sojourns the heart.  Linda Joy Schomaker

I come to you shy one.  Look into my gaze.  The candles lit. The cup ready.  Kendall Scott

Take my hand into the wild dance.  Join raven, redwood & creek.  Our greening will be fierce.   Mary Diamond

You have followed the red thread.  You swear I am she.  And, yes, I am.  Susan Conrad Risse

Touch your heart.  Touch my heart.  There is only one heart.  Katie Ketchum “Hold Me

Yes, I look familiar.  In time you will learn your true name.  Katie Ketchum “Magdalene”

I who have been welcomed into your mysteries will gather the scattered.  Katie Ketchum “Isis Initiate”

Why deny the obvious.  Nothing is separate. Solidifying gases form vine & word.  You ask, “Who is home?”  I say, “Welcome, child.”   Sue Hoya Sellars

Behold I am the Eight Fold Path.  Drink from my lotus cup. Maya Telford

In the soft folds of the favorite shawl the color of ripe persimmons, I arrive home.  Christina Gage








Let there be…

& the light
of it

the cat, haiku
& I are light-
watchers —
morningphoto-3& evening
first light;
last light

for words
and above all

& going





Friends I’ve never met…

My father gave me my love of walking; my mother, reading.  Both are friends.  Neither a stranger.  So, let me introduce you to 7 of the friends I’ve never met but know well.  For sure, I know  my life has been enriched by our conversations.

Julia Cameron  — The Artist’s Way
Natalie Goldberg — Writing Down the Bones
Twyla Tharp — The Creative Habit with Mark Reiter, contributor
Stanley Fish — How to Write a Sentence:  And How to Read One
Virginia Woolf — A Room of One’s One
Gertrude Stein — Tender Buttons.   Blood on the Dining Room Floor

and my newest friend:
Austin Kleon — Steal Like an Artist:  10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative.

Go to your local bookshop.
Go to your local library.
Get some tea.
Read.  Savor.  Life is good.


All proud & colorful


Some words slip
off the tongue
all satin & sassy.
Some, proud & elegant.
Some shy, wistful.
Others, confident as sea
splayed upon sand.
Same is true of body
with body, luxuriating.
This deliciousness
has no need for words,
for clothes.
Doesn’t exclude lust
or love.

Kit Kennedy
Poet in Residence Bay Times
Published in Bay Times June 27 – July 20, 2013